Many: the action of being when it appears in a mass, as distinct from the totality of beings of the individuals within it, which is a throng. A throng is defined by its ongoing action of coming together. It throngs. Many is, in comparison, a force of appearance and presence in and of itself. It is the point of apprehension at which individuality ceases. It amasses, or builds from itself, increasing in density and cohesion as opposed to increasing it number, as throngs do. Many is known from the action of kneading dough (a mass). Of an instant, it is no longer a blend of its ingredients but is a mixture, a separate, cohesive, living manifestation of the action of kneading in a body. Many has no number, as a man does, who is one, alone. Many is the power of being manifest, that a man is picked out from and thereby made one. When many are picked from among many, one-ness is not generated. They are still among.

Many Mustards Mingling

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