The Green Earth Dictionary is an ongoing collection of English words that come from a time in which earth knowledge was strong among English speakers and was truly a common, indigenous language in no way separate from a living earth. It is the inheritance of all people who speak English, and the language that more esoteric contemporary vocabularies manipulate in every English sentence spoken. In this age in which all people must learn to speak with and for the Earth again, this is an invaluable gift from the past. Simply put, the earth has a language. English has the power to speak it very clearly and in plain words. The project has grown out of two other ongoing projects, A Farm in Iceland  and Okanagan Okanogan. Please click on them to visit. As the project develops, certain pages from them will be knitted in to The Green Earth Dictionary. The project as a whole is built around the close knowledge to the powers of earth, ocean and air, displayed in Old Norse and Anglo Saxon, the roots of English. Of special interest to me are noun-verb pairs in Old Norse, which document a process of elemental energies passing into objects, which bear their names. It is my conviction that a renewed language for the earth will lead to an improved human-earth relationship and one able to work closely with the energies of the planet. Please join me in this important work by sending me words of interest. I’ll comb my archive of 50,000 photographs (and counting), and will make a post when I can.

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