Word Hoards

This page gathers discussions of physical actions as they are carved by the body and the mouth in interaction with the Earth. This is the language of the body that grounds the language of the mind and makes poetry sing.


This ancient stone-cutting word encompasses much of the worlds of water and rock. The drifting crack in ice below is the throat that speaks this word, and the arm that extends it. This is one of the oldest and most powerful word hoards at all and stretches across Asia and Europe in forms adapted to life everywhere. Read more:


The act of dividing any taut material that holds any embedded kinetic energy, or of marking any continuous material holding such energy, is done by engaging it with continued motion increasing in pressure from a hard, sharp material until it breaks its energy bonds and then to use that energy to run onward with the motion (and the breakage). Read more…


It English, the Earth Language, word flow into and complete each other. A weep thickens to a drop, closed off at the front of the mouth with a ā€˜pā€™, and then, instead of flowing, creates a form of space that carries it: a drop, in which it remains a drop, drops within it as an ongoing action (a drop), and then, at the bottom of the drop the drop is over. It dissolves simultaneously from shape, space and motion to become a splash and through that becomes the open, dropless form of a weep: a wet. Read more…


Here is an example of a word group that dances its meaning in the mouth moving breath through its chamber. Language is physical. 



Here is a word group that speaks of mouths and ears and of desire and fate, all most simply and directly. When you eat an apple, you know this one well.



Here is a word group that demonstrates that the language knows which way is up, even if we get confused about it.