Sway: anchored motion within a field of energy, either physically-anchored energy, in the sense of trees swaying back and forth on the pivot of their trunks and roots, or spiritually-anchored energy, such as tides being “in the sway” of the moon. Other terms for this energy that is highly active within its boundaries but does not exceed them are “swing” (a very rhythmical, logical sway), “swag” (sway energy transformed into a hang, as in a swag lamp hanging by a cord from a ceiling), “sway-backed” or “sagging” (as in an animal with a concave spine, that deviates from the horizontal norm) and even “twig” (a plant energy that one bends back carefully when walking through a a thicket, lest it “snap” or sway back into position and sting you (or take out your following companion’s eye.)

flash1Yellow Clover Swaying in a Breeze at Dusk


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