Dusk: The colour that pours out of all other colours as they become dark. Once they become dark, they have none of this or any other colour left. They must be refilled by the energy of the sun, the moon, a fire, a candle or some other source. The colours that come from these different sources are all different. When lit by them, objects burn with them, specifically. They are at one with them. Moving an object from the orbit of one light source to another is to change the spirit that it radiates.

moonriseDusk and August Moon Over the Okanagan Mountains


One thought on “Dusk

  1. I love dusk–the word and the time of day. Once I was at a tiny gas station in rural North Carolina, and the owner had posted a handwritten sign on the gas pump: “Prepay after dust.” So now I sometimes call dusk “dust.”

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