Thick: the power of increase in place that can be measured as mass, density and multiplicity. It is a kind of welling of a substance out of itself and is characterized by slowness. Should that slowness increase, it becomes quick and spreads thinly, filling space by movement rather than by density. Between the two forms of the energy of increase, the thick and the quick, lies the world. A tree that spreads within thick energy is a thicket. It wells like blood from a wound or water from a footstep in wet soil. A tree that spreads by seed across distance is said to move quickly. Its spread is said to be quick but thin. A bird that darts through thick energy is quick. The degree of thick energy in any body can be measured by the body’s span. A tree that has increased in thickness and which fills a certain volume of thick space is said to be so many centimetres thick. A man whose thoughts increase in place, growing denser without movement, increases in thick space and is said to be thick, just as does honey when it cools or cheese when it sets. A man whose thoughts increase by passing through thick thought and extending outside of it into open space is said to be quick. For a discussion of the quick energy that fills, over through or moves outside of thick space see quicken. Note that quick energy has movement only in comparison to thick energy, just as thick energy has slowness only in comparison to quick energy; they both equally fill and expand space. A quick hawk travels within quick space with no more reach or speed than a slow tree fills thick space. It is the contrast that gives the illusion of speed.

P1220038Choke Cherry Thicket, Quickening with Spring Life

The weaving of quick and thick energy creates the cloth of the world. One reads it with one’s body.


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