Burn: to vanish by separating into light and smoke. Although fires burn, the act of burning is not synonymous with fire, which is a continued moment of combustion through transferred heat. In terms of “burn” itself, fog “burns off,” highly-reflective metal, which sparks with light, is “burnished”, hearts “burn” in longing, and water that reflects the path of the setting sun is “burning”. In other words, a sentence such as “The fog burnt off with the noon sun” does not mean that the sun evaporated the fog to clear the air but that the fog, transformed into spirit by entering an energy of revelation, revealed the sun. An ancient form of such burning is sympathetic magic. Another is prayer. A contemporary one is photography, which separates the world into two groups: physical artifacts and artifacts of light.

P1160053Ponderosa Pine Litter Burning with Light and Colour, Conconully State Park, Washington

Add a match and they would give off heat, too.

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