A thickness of sight. In the sight that is the world, in which each eye is the world seeing itself, vision is awakened not just by colour but by the edges between light and dark. When there is an excess of sight through the dark trunks (beams) of trees rather than the light beams of the sun, such as at dawn, when trees of light beam out from the edge of a forest, one is said to be in timber, even in heavy timber. One can’t see out, as the light does at dawn. One is within all the light there is, but it doesn’t move. When one tries to move through it, one remains in this dim (timber) land. It is where one cannot see far. One sees sees what is near, and what is near is body after body after body. This is no land for eyes. It is a land for closeness and touch.

Dusk in a Cedar Forest in the Snow

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