Thick: The energy of density, a moment of embodiment of energy in matter in which each thing condenses according to its full nature. Water deepens, forms droplets, freezes, or comes forth as a spring or well, the rings of trees close in, buds appear on limbs and give forth cherries out of wood, hazels make a copse, blood coagulates to make a form of skin according to its nature, clouds form out of the living air, then thicken into rain, which thickens into rivers, which thickens into a sea, and the single stalks of bushes and grasses become many. As a bonus, thieves, whose nature is to be secretive and alone, form bands, in which they are secretive together, making urban space and lonely forests socially thick and dangerous for anyone who does not have thickening protection of their own.

Pacific Wild Currant, thick with stalks and flowers.

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