Yonder: “you”, applied to the placement of bodies in space rather than the relationship of bodies within social groupings, as in “you.” “Yonder” is the state of being near but also separate from the place that sees it. Intriguingly, the place that views a yonder cannot see itself.  Thus, yonder is the first intimate space within awareness, the mother, father and other apprehended but not yet received as an active force. It is neither near nor far. It cannot easily be made near. Most approaches break its yonder. It is then, simply, near, on the progression: far, yonder, there, near, by, here. However, by choosing to unite it with here, the observing self, by accepting it inside awareness, it becomes thee, the intimate you, which can share a space of awareness with here to make we.

Snaefellsjökull from the West

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