Dangle: to hang down, loose in the wind, enticingly ripe for the cutting; the visual equivalent of the ting of a hammer strike the blade of a scythe to sharpen it and the ting of each hollow stock being cut by the blade’s swing in the hand. The sound is continued in the thock of a flail on a threshing floor, that once cleared of grain becomes a dung heap. Together, the straw cut by forethought, or thinking, becomes mixed with the manure from animals fed the hay that the scythe has also cut, and is returned like that from the dung heap, or the tun, to the fields, in the doing that is the source of all future wealth. This visual representation of the extension of the human hands as the totality of human society and experience tantalizes, every time it is seen swaying like hair in the wind and delighting the mind’s extension, through the hands, into the near weightlessness of weight, at the body’s outer edge.

Grass Dangling like the Fingers of the Mind

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