An: unique, not as in “this is a single or individual tree out of a possible group of many; one” but “this tree is an” (it is in the spell of completeness and is its own beginning and end.) While “one” is extended in series by “two”, “an” is extended by “so”, which is the acknowledgement of a group. While “an” is a term of honour, “so” is the slightly different power of acknowledgement of perfect alignment, as in the expression “that tree is placed just ‘so.'” Its term for “we” is “also”, as in “so, that sapling at the tree’s base is ‘also’ a(n) tree.” In this case, two “an”s make a composite “we” without losing their uniqueness. The members of this “we”, in other words, are identified as a group, in a moment of observation that is the first in the world. P2190530

Elm in Winter Fog

Okanagan Indian Band Reserve

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