Trail: the power of pulling something along, as in a trailing rope, the trailing train of a gown, the scent of an animal on a ‘trail’, or the track of a snail, a snake, a cat’s tail in snow, or of a worm. This energy speaks of a world of powerful, essential presences that do not leave parts of themselves behind but, instead, draw parts of the world to them, like magnets drawing iron filings, or like water drops condensing out of fog. Movement for creatures living in this energy is a matter of putting the power of condensation into motion, and having the edges of that condensed mass (worm, human, snail, cat, and so on) rub off on the world, to make a trace. To read (or follow) such a trail, one reconstitutes it (re-condenses it) in ones mind.


Earth Worm and California Quail Trails and Tracks on the Road After Rain

(The worms were gone by the time the quail arrived.)

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