Wasp: A folded, conical energy, used by insects for their nests and trees and shrubs to cover their next year’s folded sprouts and flowers. In humans, the energy is known as a vest, as it folds around the body in the same way, like a set of wings. This is an energy that crosses not only time, but animal and plant worlds. I offer two photos today. First, a choke cherry wasp, which is known as a bud…



… and next, an insect named after its nest …


Note how the wings are a vest, or, better said, a wasp. Oh, here’s a paper wasp nest in a lilac up the road (no, it’s not the nest of the beauty up above)…

Wasp Bud 

Cool, eh! Note: in true poetry, that’s to say in the poetry that is a natural, environmental language, and the root of the English language itself, this form of layered matter is known as a spell, or, if you like, a poem. A natural poem. Cooler yet.

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