Last: the power of endurance. This is an energy determined by sequence: only the final act within a chain of “lasting” energy is the one that holds the “last” space. In the earth, for example, each flower that opens in sequence (such as on the knapweed below) is the last one, for a brief time, yet there is also one which keeps the energy in its purest form, before giving it up to the air. This is the flower that comes after all others, when the plant appears dead, and which is followed by none. In human life, “lasting” power is the ability to walk, to move by following the pattern of the previous movement. If humans did not walk in such a way they would fall done like the stack of bones they are. In human society, the power is reborn as the ability to learn from those who came before you, to embody their power, and to pass it on (and to no longer be the last.) In contemporary society, it is seen as a sign of the lack of energy which is the new name for death. In the earth, however, it is not. It is life.


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