Mottle: an energy, like that of the Roman god Janus, god of doorways, who represents the space of passage that looks both ways. Well, that’s in human terms. From the point of view of Janus energy, it is both spaces at once, undifferentiated. Similarly, mottled or motley energy is not dominated by any one colour. Instead, it is embodied in a balance of colours. It was the traditional garb of court fools, who lived outside of the logic of the state and were kept on for just that reason. Nietzsche’s philosophy, most especially his volume Beyond Good and Evil, is mottled energy. Outside of human social and intellectual concerns, mottled energy speaks of intense presence in a state preceding, or superseding, ethical concerns. In Christian terminology, this is a manifestation of grace. It is the presence of the divine, and one chance for humans to view the earth on extra-human terms.


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