Wind: a power that animates matter, or sets it into motion, by the action of breathing; trees, animals, plants, clouds, waves and the dust of the earth are all brought to life by this power. The power is self-creating. This is the power of air, that creates motion out of the potentiality of the aether of which it is the form. It winds, it vents, it wends, it wanders, it pours from a wand, it wafts, and lifts all things that air. Here is a sequence of images showing this energy passing through a flower (but not through the wild bee upon the flower.) Some creatures are more attuned (or susceptible) to it than others.

P1370984 P1370987 P1370989Blow, blow, thou westron wind,

The small rain down can rain.

Christ, if my love were in my arms

And I in my bed again.

(And from that moment of wind we get  English verse.)


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