Fall: The active phase of the energy of low places, which brings objects from heights down to depths. Once objects have entered the power of falling, they lose whatever power previously held them at a height and descend to a lower state. Physically, this might mean snow falling from the sky to take on the nature of stillness or leaves falling from a tree to take on the nature of soil. Spiritually, it might mean a person falling from a state of grace to a state of damnation. It is the same force in both cases and indicates the passage from a state of suspension to an energy-less state, often synonymous with death (sometimes spiritual, sometimes physical.) This is why a century ago hospitals were put on hilltops: sickness was believed to lie in low places, while health, and its energy, were suspended in higher ones. Since the goal of healing was to lift a person into a higher physical (i.e. spiritual) state, the easiest means was to house them in one; they would become infused with it and their spirits (soul and body) would be uplifted (healed).

P1160064Ponderosa Pine Cones at Rest After Being Released from a Fall 

Conconully State Park, Washington


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