The turn of fate, originally a wheel, and then the outer circumference it made by turning. Now, the presence of the power that shapes the world. A well is the same power, but seen from within the wheel, not from without it. One has every right to be wary of the power, however beautiful and enticing it is. One can even ward it off, or be kept from it by a warden. Ironically, if you are within the wheel of fate, no longer capable of choice, the power of warding becomes passive. You are a ward. The power of keeping you out, the power of a warden, now keeps you in. Often, the ward is a prison or a psychiatric hospital, where you are put if you are standing outside the circle of accepted behaviour and are, well, acting weird. You can learn the heart of the world there, or you can drown. Weird.

April Waterfall, East Iceland

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