Door: the energy of turning, expressed as a movable wall, a tower (which turns an enemy or traffic), or as turning, itself. The English first understood the energy as an object, in the English fashion, a powerful amulet, a Torr (tower). The Germans first understood it as a Turm (tower) and a Tür (a more intimate tower, blocking or opening access, ie a door). In the Rhineland, the Rhenish term was the Turn itself, in the winding Rhine Gorge, continually blocked by castles on headlands. From these applied understandings comes the notion of a mountain as a door to a valley. Here is Cipak, the Maiden, the door of the Similkameen, turning the river to the East and turning all eyes toward her — and keeping them there. Many doors are keeps like that, and many towers at the heart of castles. What opens, shuts. You are either taken in or turned away.

Cipak from the Nk’mp Trail

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