Ness: The action of nosing out a point, or bringing the teeth or wall of a mouth or bay to an end, or a beginning, providing both entrance and exit to a place of capture. As a physically-embodied energy, it was long used in English to speak of a nose of land, or a promontory, as it continues to be used in Scandinavia. As its own essential energy, it appears in a host of words still, all extending as noses or promontories from the body of thought: wilderness, hopefulness, trustfulness, and so many more. It is the point at which these qualities can be said to have a boundary and why we say we can smell them out when they are absent or when they are used in a way designed to swallow us up, as a mouth would. You can’t fool a nose.

Noses Galore, East of Melaríf, Iceland

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