Fell: a space of falling energy; when the earth enters it, it breaks off and becomes air. It is not a mountain but a space of falling. When a person enters it, they too become this space. For such creatures, this can be deadly. When water enters this broken space, it becomes a fall — a cliff, a face. It does not “fall” over a cliff. It becomes the fell. The movement through the space of a fell is called a drop. When a tree or another plant enters this space and doesn’t completely become the fall (and doesn’t completely retain its own upright habits), it is said to droop; it is simultaneously the fall and the drop. Snow and rain enter this space purely; while dropping, they are themselves, snow and rain; once they have struck earth they taking on its breaking edge and become a snowfall or a rainfall.


Skerlingsstaðarfjall, Ísland

…in November snowfall.

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