Blear: to see the world through the energy and consciousness of water, as if through tears brought on by wind or, its sister, grief. An excess of bleariness in tissue, rather than vision, causes bloating.  Water that blears is said to well, or even swell. The strong tidal pressures of the transfer of energy across the water barrier, and that the energy is, in fact, a pressurization of an unpressurized space, is revealed through the word for the release of this pressure: bleed. That bleeding can be quite negative and can spill one’s life force (one’s “life’s blood”), demonstrates the necessity of blearing, of dissolving boundaries. Spiritually, one can walk through them like water. One is said to be blessed. All of these energies are spoken with breath blown through lightly pressed lips, which fold open with the release, at the same time that the tongue clenches and creates an open channel through which the air of the sky and the air of the lungs are for a moment one.


Saskatoon Leaves Blearing with Dusk

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