Hill: Land rising, caught in the energy of transforming into a skull and never losing this state between worlds; in the sea, it is a holm (or helm; a helmet is a small holm) or island, floating on the waves like a drowned man or a troll frozen in the act of stepping into the world. These are old memories of a world in which the human body was the land walking through forces far greater than human ones but of the same kind: dwarf (from which comes “quartz”), elf (from which comes “alp”, both for their whiteness and for the propensity of elves to live with rock; likely Celtic), troll (from circular tracking of territory, like a bear or wolf, or “trolling” [tread + roll]) and so on. All are rock creatures, the ruins of an ancient world through which humans walk. It’s not the same from a car. When you move by foot they shift around you at the speed of your consciousness and as part of your bodily space.


Commonage, Vernon, British Columbia, Looking to Silver Star Ski Resort (A Haunt of Elves for Sure!)


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