Fold: the power of increase; out of many, one. The action can be located in a space (a sheep fold; a field; a fault of land, where animals must concentrate). Note the degree of concentration represented by the length of vowels in that series: broad (field), narrowing (fault), and tight (fold.) Note as well that a field is itself an enclosed state of a fell (a high, rocky, grass-covered hill), or a fall (a steep part of that hill, often with broken rock), while a fault, being part of the mountain, is enclosed, but not as much as the domestic space of a field or a fold. The reverse energy, of unfolding, opens up that which is multiplied into breadth and simplicity, and diminished order. Note the folded, unfolding and unfolded leaves of the springtime yellow dock in last fall’s grass below. The process of leaving the fold is an opening into full extension, just as a sail is unfurled as a ship leaves harbour, or as a farmer sees the sun’s light on the fell as he leaves his farm and releases his sheep from their fold.


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