Cold: drained of life and returned to the state of inanimate matter (which is also cold.) “Cold” signifies a loss of the ability to combat entropy. The state can apply to physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual conditions, because it connotes a lack of liveliness. When we say, “His heart has turned to ice,” we do not mean that his heart has become frozen water, but that frozen water and his heart have both lost energy and have become immovable. Cold, however, is a function of life: without its effects, life would combust like the sun. We, who live, are cold suns. When we have lost our attraction to the sun, our quickening, then we are cold as bog iron indeed.



Troll, Turned to Stone

Dimmuborgir, Ísland

(In the case of trolls, everything is reversed: it is the sun which freezes them. So it is on middle earth.)

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