Hue: the apparition of the ever-present power of the forest and the mountains, which in all cultures is attributed to the wisdom of old men, with their hoary grey beards. When the power of hue is present, all things are touched by it instantly. It is an intense power, but it is only one that can the outlines and the hearts of things. It melts with the rising sun, as if it were never there, but it is, always ready to be revealed. Scientific mythology holds “hoar” (or “hue”) frost to be a function of temperature, air pressure and humidity. It misses the dignity and clarity of the forest. The German language gives “hue” its greatest honour, as a term of respectful address. Where English uses the term “Sir” or “Mister”, to denote human social relationships, German uses a form of “hue”, “Herr”, to denote respect that comes from the realm of the trees. That puts a different hue on social relationships!



Kinnikinnik (Bear Berry) in Frost, Vernon, British Columbia

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