Burst: energy that exceeds its container, as in the bur of a dock plant, that hooks onto your clothing or an animal’s fur and is transported great distances, the bursting of a cloud, a flower bursting forth, a broom bristling and making dust move faster than the broom itself, a sudden surge of speed, the drone of an extended vowel (a burr) and so on. In the material form of this energy, it becomes the bur of a dock, the burr of a roughly-filed bolt or any other rough surface that catches on surfaces that touch it. Velcro is made out of bursting energy.  A specialized and aggressive meaning applies to anything that explodes, such as a bursting balloon or an exploding stick of dynamite, or a burst (a burr) of machine-gun fire. In this set of meanings, the energy is divorced from its materialization; rather than bind with energy around it, it destroys material forms. So does bursting exist between darkness and light. The choice is ours.


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