Empty: the condition of being free, or independent of obligations, in the sense of being untrained in an art, with no responsibilities and none of the obligations that come with responsibilities. A person who is empty is uncivilized (ie untrained). He or she is a potentiality, as it is through the trained body that spirit is released. Examples of trained bodies include “farmer”, “carpenter”, “painter”, “metal worker”, and so on. Examples of released spirit include “food”, “chairs”, “images”, “door latches”, and so on. In other words, by uniting the potentiality of the empty body with will, articles of use are produced. These are spirit. This is how humans related to the world before they were industrialized. The power of emptiness and the power to which it can be put remains, but is now a choice. Note that “empty” is not a negative term.


Empty Soil After a Summer Rain


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