Stand: the power of shielding, found in the shimmer of fish scales, the flash of the scales of a snake, and the fluttering shields of asp trees (or aspens when there are many). This power moves with unseen wind, and casts unseen light. It has the ability to foretell. Protective shields were historically made from asps, to capture this power.

aspenAspen, Big Bar Lake, British Columbia, Canada

An important part of this force is that in it the many are one. The sparks of light in grass or on a forest floor come together to form a snake. The sparks of light on the surface of water gather under asp force to form a fish, with its own driving power. The many trunks of an asp come together to form a grove.


Yes, An Asp Is One Living Thing, Not Many

By extension, individual people come together to stand together, in the way trunks make a stand, or in the way a soldier does, or an army, or a thinker. That is the power of the asp. It is to materialize in one place and to hold in that shape.


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