Open: an energy that transforms earth into air. To “open” is the act that precedes the energy state of being “up”. In this sense, what is ‘up’ is fully itself: a foal that stands up on its legs, a woman who gets up from bed, a glass of water that is brought to the lips, to drink from. They are all open, in the sense of being unfolded from potential and realized. In other words, what is open has come from below, from a space that precedes the present moment, such as flat earth or an unfolded bud. “Opening” is the act of the creation of time as it is physically revealed. The image below, in other words, represents the current state of understanding of the Big Bang.

P1250740Rhododendron Shoot Opening Amidst Opened Blossoms

Many layers of time in Campbell River, B.C.


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