Lift: the power of rising; one of the major forces of the universe. On a headland above the sea, for example, the power is called forth by the land’s height (or head); all objects and substances within its space are infused with its power and drawn upwards by it, including grasses, a woman’s hair, the mane’s of horse, and the physical manifestation of the force itself, air, and the spirit of lift within it that holds aircraft in the sky. This power can be magically used by people. A man who raises a glass of water to his lips, for example, transfers to it by his will the power of lift, and in his hand the glass loses its weight and rises to his lips, where he can drink. Lift  is one of the major classes of words in which an active force and a physical state are one and can be readily shifted between one state and another. It is that elemental.


Rauron Village Church, Valais, Switzerland

On its height of land, at the height of Europe, the churchyard, the resting place of the poet Rilke, is subject to continuous lift. Rilke described it as half of Europe pouring up into the stars. Note how the church as well, through its shape and location, is subject to lift as well.


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