Clod: a clumping energy that is one of the primary energies of rock and a reflection of the power of cold. Its most common manifestation is as a lump of earth; when evaporated (transformed by light and heat) it is a cloud; it can also manifest itself as clots of blood or snot, when the human body is chilled and enters the power of cold. In a grassland climate, such as that of the syncline slopes of Washington, Oregon, and British Columbia on the Northeastern shore of the Pacific Ocean, such clouds of evaporated hills form within the hills themselves and drift just as they do in the sky, in mirrored balance with them.

P1190611A Clod Clotting out of the Air Over Okanagan Lake, British Columbia

It is, truly, a reflection, in the sense of a hologram. Reading clouds allows hidden powers in the earth to be revealed. No shovel required.


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