Scree: The sound of an area inhabited by sharp, layered metamorphic or volcanic rocks that shift underfoot with clear bell tones, that  begin with footsteps and then continue, for a time, downslope: scree …. scree …. scree. By extension, the term is used to describe the stone that occurs in a scree field, changed by the energy of the field into a receptor for human energy. As such, scree is one of many forms of the earth that is known by human walking and bears the name of human passage.

The night snakes of N’kmp live in the half darkness of the sun-hot scree.

umatilloridge  The Umatillo Ridge Screes, Dry Falls State Park, Washington

Speaking of people who live in the scree, check out these ladies.


The Umatillo Ridge Does

Under their feet, the scree does not sing.

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