Ice: The process of being coated in water, or other forms of energy, that have taken on the energy of solidity and cold; also, the coating itself and, given enough time, the object coated in this way. At no time, is “ice” a particular substance; once a volume of water or a piece of matter has iced, it is ice, not water or its other original substance. In other words, ice is always an active force that can spread contagiously, even to active, plastic forms such as humans, should they not be covered in spells knitted out of wool, woven out of thread, or fashioned out of leather or other substances able to separate the body from the icing force. (Note: to clarify: in indigenous English, there are only energies; substances are merely stages in the transformations of energy. It is the energies, not the objects, that take on solid forms.)

Honey, your fingers are ice!


Through the Process of Icing, this Air Bubble has Become Ice


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