Spark: A form of energy with the capacity for expansion and growth and which is able to transform other materials into even more powerful instances of spark energy, which spark yet greater ones, and so on, until the chain is broken by confrontation with a new force capable of absorbing the sparking energy into a transformed form within itself. The most common example of a spark is a tiny piece of burning matter, which can cause, for example, a length of dry lichen to become a spark, which then transforms a collection of small twigs into spark energy, which then transforms small branches, then tree limbs, then entire trees, and then entire forests into a spark. The power is also active within thought processes and spiritual and social relationships.

Ghandi’s words sparked a revolution in world consciousness.


Similkameen Moon

Notice the spark of the sun in the burned off forest to the moon’s left (The forest, too, was once a spark.) Soon the spark of the sun will expand to make the entire morning mountain glow with the sun. That light will burn all day, before turning into the coals of the evening and then the dark of the night, before sparking the world again the next day.

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